More Cob was Caught Recenltly in Mossel Bay

cob cathes in mossel bayCob Catches are picking up in Mossel Bay Waters Winter is something of the past. Although we had good catches of  Hake and Red Fish during the winter the Cob was just gone. I am glad to say that during our fishing trips the past few weeks we were lucky to have some good cob… Read More...

Thresher Caught on Nikita


Thresher Caught on Nikita Shark catches on Nikita in Mossel Bay On 2 January 2011 the young fisherman Sarudo Bonafede ( 14 years old)) was the lucky one who got a Thresher (sambokhaai) hooked while waiting for cob to bite. This was an early birthday present as he turned 15 the next day. Congratulations Sarudo,… Read More…

Recent Catches on Nikita in Mossel Bay

nikita, boat of deep sea adventuresRecent Catches on Nikita in Mossel Bay Recent Catches on Nikita Cob, Shad and Cape Salmon catches in Mossel Bay Good cob catches in Mossel bay have been reported the past month. A lot of small fish is also biting but as you can see with a little bit of luck you can get the… Read More...

Nikita – Deep Sea Adventures

nikita - deep sea adventuresDeep Sea Fishing Mossel Bay Nikita is the second boat of the fishing charters, Deep Sea Adventures in Mossel Bay and can take 12 people to sea for fishing